Friday, October 31, 2014

Jobs in Fashion Industry


Being a fashion designer is something which many students of fashion want to achieve. They would love to have their own clothing brands and for many, there dream is to one day attain success in the fashion industry. The University of the Arts London and the London College of Fashion are the best fashion universities in the capital city, and just recently, they have created a brand new course which will let the designers do their own job while someone else will help them with all the other important stuff.
International Fashion Production Management is a brand new course which has been developed to address the contemporary requirements of the fashion industry. The main job of the students is to learn the art of sourcing, production and management of international supply chains. The reason that the university decided to create this course was mainly because the fashion industry is missing individuals who would be able to create and produce actual pieces of clothing and will also be able to manage it, find the right textiles and to know everything about the business at the same time.
Karin Lucanova is a twenty year old Slovak student of this course and she is very happy that she decided to take this opportunity and to study both production and management. After her graduation she would love to work for big fashion brands but she also knows that breaking into the industry is very hard. She says: “It is a really hectic job because the person who really wants to do it in the future will be working many hours and overtime, but for me it is something which I would love to do.”
karin lucanova
The course is all about the productions of patterns while the students need to be able to create the piece of clothing. They are required to sew the clothing and also draw the designs, but the crucial point for the students of International Fashion Production Management is to have knowledge about the production itself. Karin also says: “Even though I will actually never sew a shirt, I need to know how it looks and how to create it. The most important is to have the knowledge about the management and production and then languages, because this job is also about travelling.”
Working in both production and management is a lucrative job because the University degree is a brand new course with very few experts. “There is no one in the real fashion world who is currently working in this position.” The designers will have more time to create their fashion pieces and the person who will graduate from this course will help them with the business and they will also be ready to find the right textiles and to re-create the work for some reasonable reasons.
Karin would love to stay here in London to work with the biggest brands and fashion designers and she is also ready to learn more languages in order to satisfy the potential employer´s needs. She loves her university lectures, her lecturer was a person who worked for Gucci and for Louis Vuitton and here at Euron, we wish her best of luck to achieve everything what she is dreaming of as she is working really hard and we are sure she has the desire to achieve great things.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

DIY Bracelet: Curb Chain with Colorful Woven Thread

Hey everyone!

I love the idea of mixing metallics with color!  I also really enjoy the contrast in texture between metal and thread.  So, when I saw the DIY tutorial for this bracelet on Honestly...WTF, I just had to make it for myself.

These are my bracelets:

I absolutely adore the color schemes of these bracelets!  All of the colors pair so well together; they complement each other and highlight each others' differences.  The braided pattern of these bracelets are so beautiful!  These bracelets will work wonderfully with my wardrobe because I tend to wear a lot of clothes in similar shades.

I just love the DIY projects I have been doing lately!  So, keep your eyes out for more DIY posts and videos :)

You can also check out my DIY Jewelry and My DIY Inspirations boards on Pinterest to see what I might be working on.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you have any questions or requests in the comments below!