Saturday, October 17, 2015

Interiors book: Chic Boutiquers at Home

I've been eagerly awaiting Ellie Tennant's book 'Chic Boutiquers at Home' - Interiors and expert advice from creative online sellers - having been featured in her first book, Design Bloggers at Home. And it finally arrived in the mail this week! The beautiful hardback book showcases the inspiring homes of creative forces behind fab online shops from around the globe including Le Souk, Ylva Skarp, and textile designer Maryanne Moodie - beautifully captured by James Gardiner. If you're thinking of opening your own shop you'll be excited to hear it also includes a chapter dedicated to advice on how to launch your own chic boutique! I'm so happy to be able to share one of the case studies from the book with you - the Copenhagen home of designer Kristina Dam - who Ellie describes as 'a master of refined, restrained design and a whizz at creating long-lasting pieces that would look good for lifetimes to come'. Let's take a peek....

Friday, October 16, 2015

A charming norwegian home in green, grey and cognac

Hello Friday! There's just time to squeeze in one more fabulous home tour this week - that of Henriette Amlie Kalbekken and her two children in Oslo, Norway. Henriette is a freelance interior designer and stylist as well as an avid painter. She also drives the award winning Norwegian blog Designlykke (which is written in english - yay!). Henriette's home is in a state of constant change (no exaggeration - this is how her home looked this time last year). Right now her home is a beautiful blend of greys, greens and white with a delightful cognac touch. Look closely for lots of innovative and inspiring ideas too....

Photography: Henriette Amlie Kalbekken shared with kind permission.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Snapshots from a Scandinavian inspired Bulgarian home

Today is an exciting first on My Scandinavian Home- this wonderful Scandinavian inspired kitchen and dressing room are snap shots from Ivelina's Bulgarian home. Ivelina is the editor behind FriChic - the 'journal of a visual creative, social influencer and scandinavian design lover'. She's also a full-time stylist and a dab hand with a camera- which I think shines through in the way she's decorated and captured her fab monochrome kitchen and dressing room. Let's take a peek....



The kitchen was very much a labour of love  -  that fab ceiling light is the 'Arigato' from Grupaproducts. The two chairs were flown in from the UK (the Bertoia chair is similar). And the table was from Ivelina's childhood - which she has sanded down and painted. Keep an eye out on Etsy or your local flea market for similar. Source lovely white sheepskin rugs here.

Is this your kind of kitchen?

My favourite clothes rails can be found here (as seen in the hallway of the home of a Finnish design blogger)

Lots more beautiful international homes with a Scandinavian touch can be found here. Some of my favourites include this Biarritz home, a cool apartment in Moscow and a mid-century inspired home in Berlin.

Although I'm not usually a numbers person (maths was never my favourite subject!) - I was soooo excited to reach 60,000 followers on Pinterest and 20,000 on Instagram yesterday - what wonderful communities to be a part of!  Thank you!

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The studio / home of a Danish carpenter and designer

Happy Wednesday! It's more than likely you're reading this on a coffee break at work, so I thought it'd be apt to offer a little office / studio inspiration - in case you feel like shaking things up a little. It comes in the form of Københavns Møbelsnedkeri a carpenter's studio in Copenhagen owned by former guitar maker and graphic designer Kim Dolva. People are queuing up for Kim's high quality bespoke wooden fittings and furniture and I can totally see why after taking a peek inside his studio and home which he shares with his wife - interior designer, illustrator and ceramicist Mette Bonnavent and daughter Lucille. Could you see yourself working in a space like this?!

Photographer Gyrithe Lemche, Stylist Mette Bonavent. Shared with kind permission from Kim Dolva.

Would it actually feel like work here?!

In case you're wondering what that fabulous chair in the last image is  - it's the PP130 Circle chair by my favourite designer Hans Wegner. A true Danish classic. 

More incredible studios to inspire a new work space include the creative Swedish space of Katrin Bååth, the Brooklyn home and studio of a creative couple and the industrial style atelier of a Swedish illustrator.

Or if you feel like jumping ship completely I spotted this beautiful land in the Swedish alps for sale - it lies in the mountainous countryside just outside Åre, one of Sweden's largest ski resorts. Could you imagine spending your winters here - what a lovely life?!

A quick reminder that the wonderful guys at Design Collectors are offering everyone 15% off with code MYSCAN!

Have a lovely day! 

A Stockholm pad with a mix of vintage + designer pieces

Stockholm is great a city. It's a good 600 km from where I live so sadly I'm not there as much as I'd like to be. I think what I love about it is that you're never far from nature - whether in the form of forests or the beautiful archipelago on which it resides - have you been? Oscar Properties recently developed 'Biografen' or 'the cinema' house which has views over the entire city and beyond- imagine?! Marie and Martin Anker Svensson live in one of the apartments which has been beautifully captured by Kristofer Johnsson and styled by Josefin Hååg. Think grey, white and cognac, sheer curtains and a mix of vintage, designer and high street finds. Really, what's not to love?!

Photography: Kristofer Johnsson. Stylist: Josefin Hååg. Found via TDC with thanks.

What a great space, I could easily live here - how about you?!

A quick guide on where some of the items are from: Alex drawers in the kitchen, 7 series chair, Thonet 209 chair (15% off with MYSCAN), these (US) and this (Europe) vintage chopping boards are similar. Sheepskin throw. Vintage Beni Ourain rug. Safari chair.

This home featured in Residence magazine - a great tip for anyone who loves Scandinavian home inspiration.

More fab homes captured by Kristofer Johnsson include an elegant black and navy themed Swedish home, the incredible home of Ylva Skarp (one of my favourite home tours of all time!), and the home of a fashion stylist.

You can keep up to date with Swedish stylist Josefin's latest work on her blog here.

Have a lovely day!

Monday, October 12, 2015

A serene small space apartment in Sweden

Morning! I hope you had a wonderful weekend? We've been celebrating my youngest daughter's birthday - cue pancakes with melon, raspberries and chocolate for breakfast  mmmmm - a girl after my own heart! Today's home in Gothenburg, Sweden comes courtesy of Ahre. It's a masterclass in how to furnish and decorate a small studio apartment - complete with sitting room by day, bedroom by night, cosy kitchen with dining space and a balcony for that morning coffee all in 34 metres square! The plants and linens add to the overall calmness of the space. Let's take a tour...

Ahre, Stylist Johanna Bagge and Frida Schuler. Found via Tant Johanna with thanks.