Monday, October 5, 2015

The perfect home in which to kick off the week

It's suddenly gone quiet - my man left on his bike for work, the girls are at school / nursery. It's just me, my freshly brewed coffee and my super chunky knit Libertine cardigan). It's one of those Monday's when I feel like I'm never going to wake up - think I need this for breakfast?). I'm going to kick off the week in sunny sweden - and a delightful Gothenburg home tour. The show-stopper really is the roaring Kakelugn in the corner of the sitting room, don't you think? - that and the magnificent high ceilings and period features, coupled with soft light grey walls and beautiful light wood flooring. I'm going to revise my earlier text and say - I think I need this for breakfast with a latte, while padding around here. What do you say - could that be a good way to kick off the week?!

Photography: Anders Bergstedt. Entrance.
Such a beautiful space!

I do love my baths - and actually have a wooden tray across mine too - but I love the idea of using a long slab of rustic wood.

The colour scheme is so calm - for a similar light grey paint colour try this one

More serene white and grey homes include this delightful space in Finland,  a graphical Finnish home and a black, white and grey Swedish pad.

This morning I had a little cruise around Pinterest, and found some truly inspiring pictures - here is a round up of some of my favourites: imagine hanging out in this cabin or this cabin for a few days? Got a tiny home? This raised bed solution is super cute and cool and creates oodles more space. And how about sitting and working from this spot today?

Have a great start to the week!

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